Muni Digital Transformation

MuniPro is a force multiplier - Cover all issuers with the same depth as your top issuer

Data & Productivity Platform


Excel Debt Profiles by Credit

Expert-Verified with Financials and OS.
Premium/Convertible CABS, Step-Coupons, PAC Speed, Bifurcations, Private Placements.


DBC Integration

Download DBC Debt Profiles by Credit.
Export DBC Numbers as Presentations.


Refunding Memos

Run Refunding Results in MuniPro.
Export Templates as Presentations.

Secondary Trades

Over 100 Million Trades for all Municipal Bonds.
Ratings and Spreads to Index.

Variable Rates

VRDOs, Commercial Paper, ARS, and FRNs.
Liquidity Provider/Expiration, Remarketing Agent, Trustee.


Option Value

BDT Binomial Tree Model.
Option-Adjusted-Spreads, Custom Volatilities, Curves, and Short-Rate Models.

Market Updates

Fixed & Variable Rates, Calendars, Fund Flows.
Compare Current and Historical Rates.


Bond Holders

Corporate and Municipal.
Search by Identifiers or Text.


Ipreo Integration

Import Orders & Allotments.
Investor Categorization.

Muni Training

Investment Banking Training.
Municipal Bond Deal Training.


Manage Clients from One Place

  • Coverage: Armed with capital structure, market updates, and more
  • Financing Opportunities: Send weekly refunding memos
  • Market Monitor: Track credit spreads and trading volumes
  • Investor Outreach: Contact top sector & regional investors
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